About Kim McCosker from 4 Ingredients

We are delighted to introduce Kim McCosker, the founder of 4 Ingredients, a highly respected Australian publishing house that has achieved remarkable success. Over the years, 4 Ingredients has established itself as a prominent brand with a wide range of offerings.

As the owner of the rights to all 41 cookbooks, tens of thousands of recipes, images, videos, manuscripts, and databases, 4 Ingredients has a massive reach, reaching millions of people. The company specialises in publishing cookbooks, ebooks, and apps, and has also ventured into the development of various kitchenware products. It has become one of Australia’s most recognised and trusted food brands, with an astonishing one in every seven homes owning a 4 Ingredients cookbook.

In 2017, 4 Ingredients received the prestigious Best Selling Category award at the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards held in China. This recognition opened doors for Kim in 2018, allowing her to showcase her culinary skills onstage beneath the iconic Eiffel Tower at the World Gourmand Cookbook Summit in Paris. In 2019, Kim produced a captivating 6-part TV show, currently airing on Foxtel Lifestyle Channel. Furthermore, in 2022, she was honored with the National People’s Choice Award at the ORIAs (Online Retail Industry Awards).

With global sales nearing an impressive 9 million copies and three successful TV series for Foxtel under her belt, Kim and 4 Ingredients have truly established themselves as the go-to authority for easy, everyday cooking in Australia. Moreover, Kim is a proud national Ambassador for Coeliac Australia, highlighting her commitment to supporting and advocating for the community.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kim actively contributes to her community. She serves on the Sunshine Coast Major Events Board and the Sunshine Coast Council’s Biosphere Community Reference Group. In 2011, she was recognised as the Sunshine Coast’s Most Outstanding Business Woman of the Year, and in 2017, she received the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Griffith University. Kim is a passionate supporter and dedicated fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, having raised over half a million dollars to date.

However, amidst all her accomplishments, Kim’s proudest achievements are her loving family. With a wonderful husband and three beautiful boys who bring immense joy to her life, they serve as her biggest supporters.

Join us at the Care Expo Sydney to meet the visionary Kim McCosker and discover the world of 4 Ingredients—a true testament to passion, innovation, and culinary excellence.