Adjusting to Life as a Carer

Carers can often find themselves taking on a new or expanded caring role when a loved one is diagnosed with a health condition or disability, if their loved ones’ health condition progresses, or if they are discharged from hospital.

It’s a period of adjustment not only for the care recipient but also for the carer. “There is a lot of change that may need to take place in the carer’s life,” said Kylie Duffy, Acting Deputy Manager of Carer Gateway at The Benevolent Society.

“This could be establishing a new routine, learning new skills and being more patient.”

“It could be experiencing loss and grief across many facets of their life, adjusting to changes in the cognition of their loved one, taking leave from or giving up work, and needing to arrange formal services, to name a few.”

Whilst caring for a family member or friend who is living with a disability, a chronic or life-limiting medical condition, mental illness, alcohol or drug dependency, or someone who is frail due to age is incredibly rewarding, it can sometimes be emotionally and physically draining.

Carer Gateway – the Australian Government’s national carer program – can support carers by providing free and reliable services, support and advice, specifically for carers. There are providers across Australia, including The Benevolent Society, which supports Metropolitan Sydney. Supports include tailored support packages, counselling, coaching, online skills courses, peer support activities, and access to emergency respite. Call 1800 422 737 or go to for more information.

Visit the team at site P356 during Care Expo Sydney to learn more.