Adjusta Mattress is your trusted partner in achieving the ultimate in sleep health and well-being. They are dedicated to offering everyday people access to improved sleep health and enhancing their overall quality of life through comprehensive education and their innovative adjustable mattress sleep solutions.

Their Vision: Offer every day people access to improved sleep health & wellbeing.

Their Mission: To assist the greater community in achieving optimal sleep health by providing comprehensive education, innovative sleep solutions, delivering continued support, while ensuring exceptional value for money.

At Adjusta Mattress, their vision drives everything they do. Adjusta Mattress understands the profound impact that quality sleep has on your well-being, and are committed to making that experience accessible to everyone. Their mission is a testament to their dedication to the well-being of customers. Adjusta Mattress strives to empower individuals and communities to prioritise their sleep health. They do this by offering a range of premium quality, adjustable mattress products that provide not only comfort and support but also address a wide range of common health complaints that many people face in their everyday lives.

Adjusta Mattress are Australia & New Zealand’s only Adjustable massage mattress for your boat, caravan, horse float, or truck, and offer a range of products to suit the individual needs of customers. Their current product range includes their patented Adjusta Mattress design, the Adjusta Bed, Hi-low bed, and Caravan & Marine Mattresses.

Their team is proud to be crowned the winner of the Good Design Award in the Medical & Scientific category in 2020 + 2021, as well as the APAC Insider Most Innovative Mattress Brand in in 2023. The Adjusta Bed has also been awarded the Product of the Year award which is recognised in 43 countries.

Adjusta Mattress is in the business of transforming lives. Join them in prioritising your sleep health and well-being and experience the difference an Adjusta Mattress can make in your life. Invest in your health now, your body will thank you later! Visit their team at site P365 during Care Expo Sydney.